Founded in 1915, Trumbull Country Club has deep roots in the community.  TCC offers a traditional and prestigious private club atmosphere where long-lasting friendships are developed and nurtured. The Club offers complete year-round fine dining augmented by a full calendar of sensational social events, weekly games and live entertainment. The TCC Golf Course is known for consistently being the most beautiful and well-kept in the area. Our friendly and professional staff is always eager to make each experience at TCC truly special.


President – Matt Natale


The Natale family has a long, proud history with Trumbull Country Club. Matt’s great grandfather, James Bowden,

was a founding member of the Club. His family joined TCC in 1993 when Matt was just eight years old. He and his wife, Natasha, joined TCC in 2012. Matt and Natasha have two young children, Sophie and Thomas. Matt enjoys spending time at TCC on the course with fellow members, and the Natale family can always be found at TCC’s social events. As TCC president, Matt looks forward to growing the membership if the Club and refining the member experience.


Trumbull Country Club Board of Directors


Matt Natale, President

Anthony Payiavlas, Vice President

Kevin Murphy, Secretary

Nick Odille, Treasurer


Rocco Adduci, Trustee

Dr. David Chiarella, Trustee

William Day, Trustee

Dr. Anthony DeSalvo, Trustee

Matt Dietl, Trustee

John Hyre, Trustee

George Kassos, Trustee

Kim Phillips, Trustee


600 Golf Drive NE

Warren, OH 44483